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Arts and Entertainment | Signal Watch | State | Friday, July 16th, 2010, 3:25 pm

Signal Watch: Obamas on vacay, Thievery Corporation on the pier and Steamer the Clam

Yarmouth Clam Festival | Courtesy photo
Shucked: When alone Steamer silently cries for his delicious, fallen brethern

Summer can be a beautiful, if not odd time in Maine. If it’s not a president coming to town, it’s a president going all Miami Vice with one of his boats on a Maine beach. And then there’s the terrifying giant clam come to life. And moose tours. All this and more in this week’s Signal Watch:

Somehow Lewiston is connected to Mel Gibson’s continuing campaign to light his career on fire and become the most hated man in the world. A Lewiston audio expert has been appearing on Good Morning America and Larry King Live to talk about the veracity of the now infamous recordings of the Road Warrior saying awful things about pretty much every religion, ethnicity, gender and worse. Arlo West, the audio expert, says the recordings were edited. Of course there’s still the matter of what was said…

While the current president was making plans for a stop in Maine, a former president was gunning the hull of his Chris Craft into the shoreline on Gooch’s Beach. The official line is that George W. Bush’s boat was too close to shore and an errant wave pushed the Fidelity IV onto the beach. We here at The Signal would rather hear your explanations…

It could be economic development or tempting fate, but Saddlebck Ski Resort and Sugarloaf Ski Resort are offering “moose tours” this summer to visitors. Since moose have been on the offensive this summer (and heading into more “urban” areas), should we be worried the moose are setting a trap?

POLICE BLOTTER: Thank the heavens for dumb criminals and Facebook, together you are a boon to modern policing. Asgard Tarick Gilbert, 36, (Asgard?) may face arson charges after police say he set his Benz on fire and naturally posted the photos on Facebook. Allegedly he was trying to sell the car. That would be a great CraigsList post: FLAMING S-Class for Sale. Must GO.

Screw YOU Money Magazine! Apparently not one city or town in Maine made Money Magazine’s Top 100 Best Places to Live. Eden Prairie, MN, was named No. 1. Having been to Eden Prairie, I can tell you Saco or Belfast are easily better. Still, don’t take my word for it, let the commenters on this story make their case.


The Tourist in Chief: THE OBAMAS ARE COMING. And every and all state (and national) news organizations are descending on Mount Desert Island to watch the First Family try and have a little time off. Lucky for all of us Gawker has a “guide to vacationing in Maine” for the president from a guy who spent summers on MDI. As a kid. How nice. (For more check out Politicator’s round-up of the Obama in Maine coverage)

Thievery on the Pier: The Maine State Pier shows are always highly anticipated summer events each year and that’s no different with this weekend’s Thievery Corporation show on Saturday. Making for an even better back-to-back bill, Ween takes the pier on Friday night. Proceeds from the shows will also benefit Preble Street Resource Center. Many folks still have found memories of Wilco’s pier show last summer, can Thievery and Ween top that?

Shuck Off: This weekend marks the 45th annual Yarmouth Clam Festival, celebrating a storied tradition of, well, clams. But also games, music, hijincks and a clam shucking’ contest. Also it marks the annual reappearance of Steamer The Clam, who is only slightly less terrifying than Oakie.

Munj it UP: Portland’s summertime affair with street festivals continues this Sunday with Munjfest on Munjoy Hill. Music, food, attractions for kids and a chance for your pooch to be crowned winner of the Munjminster Dog Show.

Let your Loon guide you: This weekend the state is offering up free admission to state parks and historic sites to anyone with a loon license plate. The special plates, which were created in 1993, help fund programs in the Maine Bureau of Parks and Lands. So essentially you already paid your admission.

Justin Ellis is the editor of The Signal.

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