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Arts and Entertainment | State | Thursday, July 15th, 2010, 12:13 pm

‘The Dirty Lew’

The Sun Journal’s Mark LaFlamme wrote up a delightfully tardy article on “The Dirty Lew,” a 2008 YouTube video from Auburn-resident and Lewiston-lampooner Thomas “Bummah” Gurney.

In the LaFlamme interview, Gurney credits the “mint green apartments,” and infamously ghetto “tree streets” of the Androscoggin adjacent city for the video’s inspiration, which has garnered over 10,000 views in its two years on the Internet.

“I made the song partly on high school principles — being an E.L grad, Lewiston hater — but mostly because I’ve lived in The Dirty Lew and spent a great deal of my adult life there drinking in various bars and apartments,” he said.

Gurney’s video includes drive-by interviews with Lewiston residents, to whom he poses the question, “how you diggin’ Lewiston today?” garnering reactions from “sucks! my building got broken into for the third night this week,” to “you better get that f****** camera out of my face.”

Choice lines of the Twin City ballad include:

“I’m okay with Lewiston, as long as Lewiston, stays over there. But it won’t be long, until i’m drunk, and I stumble right across the bridge into Little Canada.”

and the witty, if profane verse…

“I can see Lewiston, and all of it’s gore / Well down on Lisbon, a two dollar whore / she’s got more diseases than a New York pigeon / Just don’t do it buddy, you got to make the right decision.”

As a matter of disclosure, I’m also an E.L. grad, and while I’ve always found the Auburn-Lewiston rivalry a bit “put on,” it didn’t stop me from showing this video to darn near everyone I knew from the Twin Cities. It’s nice up here on my left bank pedestal, but for the record, the much maligned “Little Canada” ties pretty heavily into my personal family history as well.

Vive le twin cities!

Matt Dodge is a reporter for The Portland Daily Sun. He blogs at the Porthole.

One Response to “‘The Dirty Lew’”

  1. Matt says:

    Bummah did not even film that video! if anything he can be credited for a simple song an elementary student could’ve written. the video and interviews were another mans creation that Bummah has loved to accept the credit for since day one. he didn’t even create “his” coffee video! you can clearly tell his creations on youtube. the videos of him smearing food substance in his face, or him babling drunk at denny’s, or how about his homophobic rank on lower lisbon street. this man is an imposter. talent? talk to the guy who shot the dirty lew video.

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