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Arts and Entertainment | Signal Watch | Thursday, July 8th, 2010, 7:21 pm

Signal Watch: Catholic radio, Man vs. Food and Moxie Fest

Michelle Souliere | Flickr
Alternative energy? At the Moxie Festival in Lisbon Falls the Moxie car is just the beginning.

Here on The Signal it’s our job to keep track of all things related to arts, culture and the rest of everyday life for the Maine Observer.

Not an easy task, which is why from time to time we’ll rely on the Signal Watch — where we can keep track on the stories, events, people and other things taking place in Maine.

This week we had an appearance from a food personality, new stuff from local musicians and on tap this weekend the one and only Moxie Festival. Let’s take a look back and a look ahead:

We all celebrated America’s birthday and inherent awesomeness Sunday night. Also, there was extra explosions thanks to a fireworks trailer catching on fire. But no one’s sure yet why it caught on fire. Could it have been the lighters or matches on hand?

A new radio station debuted in the Portland area this week, with WXTP “The Presence” replacing WHXR. Yes, a Roman Catholic radio station has replaced a rock station. Instead of Skynard and a morning zoo crew listeners can now expect Bishop Chat and plenty more religious programing on 106.7 FM.

That guy who can’t stop eating everything was spotted in Maine…eating. The Travel Channel’s Adam Richman, host of “Man vs. Food” was seen taking on gastro-feats at places such as Nosh (the Apocalypse Now burger) in Portland and Tradewinds Cafe (the Manimal Challenge) in Arundel. But did he go to the Fat Boy or Big G’s? And did he manage to piss off an important restaurateur in the process? (Mr. Bourdain I’m looking at you).

Is it possible one Maine man has brought the kombucha market to a halt? Maybe. The Portland Daily Sun talks with Chris Hallweaver, who bottles the beverage locally, and may have tipped off the feds to the drink’s above average alcohol content. Kombucha, a tea-like drink that is fermented by using live bacteria during bottling, is growing in popularity as homebrewers and beverage companies experiment with the organic drink. Hallweaver calls his drink “The Booch,” which sounds suspiciously close to “hooch.”

Ups and downs in music this week as the American Idol Live tour announced it was ditching Portland and a number of other cities from the summer tour. Awwwww. Luckily we’ve got a healthy music scene here and this week a few locals released new stuff, as Sontiago unveiled “Like Love,” a new track with Darrien Brahms and Phantom Buffalo has a new video out in advance of their new LP.

What to watch for:

Monument Square is about to start getting crowded again as the annual Alive at 5 outdoor music series kicks off in Portland on July 8. The showcase starts with the Eric Bettencourt Band and The Lucid.

The Maine International Film Festival starts in Waterville on July 9 and continues through the 18. Aside from screening domestic and international films, this year’s festival also features a day dedicated to making films in Maine and the people behind the scenes.

It’s time once again to celebrate that delicious tar-colored nectar of Maine, Moxie, at the annual Moxie Festival in Lisbon Falls starting July 9. Will there be a carnival, live music and parades? Yes. But more importantly there will be the Moxie Chug ‘N Challenge. There can be only one true winner.

Also this weekend: The Maine Potato Blossom Festival, the North Atlantic Blues Festival, SmuttFest and yes, the premiere Maine summer sport, lobster boat racing.

Justin Ellis is the editor of The Signal.

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